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Rapid React

During the 2022 season, we took part in Rapid React, sponsored by Boeing. During this game, players either shot cargo (balls) into the upper hub, dropped balls into the lower hub, or scored points by traversing the Hangar. Each match has three parts: Autonomous, where robots were intended to score points controlled by code; Teleop, the longest period where the human drive team controlled the robot; and Endgame where the robots are given time to climb the Hangar bars. In Auto, the robots start on the Tarmac and shoot cargo into the Hub, earning twice the points during this time. Game details can be found in the official manual.

The Field

2022 Field



The Hub, divided into Upper and Lower goals, was located in the center of the field, designed for a ball-shooting challenge. Balls thrown into the Upper Hub had a tendency of bouncing out, while a chain in the Lower Hub helps prevent this. A ball scored in the Hub would have run into an irritator, randomizing which exit the ball returns to the field out of. There were four exits on each level, the upper having had arms.

2022 Hub



The cargo for the year was on par with oversized tennis balls. They were colored Red and Blue for each alliance.

2022 Cargo


The Hangar was represented by a series of metal pipes that acted as bars to climb on. The first, Low Rung, was used the least, as the robot had to be small enough to reach under it. The next was the Mid Rung. Most teams could reach the Mid Rung at least, and from there made their way up. The highest bars, High Rung and Transversal Rung, third and fourth bar respectively. Our robot was able to climb on all four bars. 

2022 Hangar

Terminal & Human Player

The Human Player in 2022 was basically a basketball player. Before the match began, teams could decide if they wanted a ball in their robot in Autonomous. If not, the Human Player could have it and make a shot from behind the terminal to try to earn four points in Auto. In addition, some robots depended entirely on the terminal for balls in Teleop.

Scoring Points


In qualification rounds, teams are ranked by their Ranking Score, or their average number of Ranking Points (RP) per match. To ensure high placement, it is not only important to win matches, but to complete the secondary objectives as well, to amass as many Ranking Points as possible.

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