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Team Resources

Find team resources and important documents. Team members often use Google Drive for organization of scouting data, financial information, and non-technical resources like photos. All training resources and branding guidelines are stored here as well. You can also find archived media from years past and explore team history. 

The team registration form can be found here for new and prospective students. Still having doubts? Fill out the form anyway to get in contact with a team member who can guide you. Additionally, you can check out the "Join Us" page on the website to view more resources about the benefits of FIRST robotics.

View important dates and times, including competitions and supplementary team events. We are very busy, with consistent practices all week and driver practice typically on Saturday. There will also be information about working in the community, outreach events, and fundraisers that the team might have in the future.

GitHub is a repository for developers to share and manage code. Team 2129 uses it to store and manage access to all programming, and everything our team programs and codes is completely open source. View this season's robot, previous robots, or check out our popular AprilTag pose estimation code. 

The Blue Alliance is a massive repository of FRC robotics teams, competitions, and individual matches. Our team's page has records of every competition year, and even has match videos dating back to our rookie year, 2007!It's also a great way to check match times during competition. Check out as well for detailed statistics on FRC teams.

Learning new terminology can be tricky. Thankfully, this helpful dictionary is available to learn terms quickly for anybody new to the FIRST community. The terms range from general community terms to specific technical terminology. Although the terms are specifically tailored to Ultraviolet members, anybody can benefit from this resource.

Team Reasources


FIRST has several websites and social medias where they regularly post important information and funny content. The website features blog posts about competitions and awards and is a great guideline for acting according to FIRST values. The new information on each new season is also released through the website. Every competition, including regionals and the world championship, is streamed on Twitch.

FIRST Official Socials

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