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Destination: Deep Space

The competition for this year is known as Destination: Deep Space. Sponsored by Boeing, this year’s game centers around collecting Hatch Panels and Cargo to score points. An orange dodgeball, the Cargo is put in multiple locations throughout the field in order to score points. For every cargo put in, 3 points are given to that alliance. In order for an alliance to gain those points, a Hatch Panel must be placed before hand. A disc shaped object, the Hatch Panel is the other way alliances can score points. A Hatch Panel must be placed before a Cargo can be there, because without a Hatch Panel the Cargo will roll out onto the field, not giving the team any points. Detailed rules can be found in the official game manual.

2019 Cargo
2019 Hatch Panel

These game pieces are put into two specific locations in order to score points. Those two locations are known as: Rocket and Cargo Ship.

Rocket Ship

As seen below, the rocket ship has three levels, each containing locations for 1  Cargo and for 2 Hatch Panels. In the center, the location for the Cargo can be found on all 3 levels. On the left and right side of the opening for the Cargo, the location for 2 Hatch Panels can be found; one on the left, and one on the right. As mentioned earlier, a Hatch Panel must be placed before a Cargo can be placed. On the rocket, however, both Hatch Panels must be placed before a Cargo can be placed, as the Cargo can roll to the left and the right, meaning there is a chance that if one location is open, the Cargo can roll out and an alliance could lose some possible points.

2019 Rocket
2019 Ship

Cargo Ship

The other location is known as the Cargo Ship. Like the rocket, A Hatch Panel must be placed before a Cargo can be inserted. Unlike the rocket, each place where a Cargo can be inserted only requires 1 Hatch Panel, while the rocket ship requires 2 Hatch Panels. The location of the Hatch Panels and the Cargo are different than their locations on the rocket ship.

The Cargo Ship has 8 locations to put 1 Cargo and 1 Hatch Panel.  Unlike the rocket, it only has 1 level. As seen below, there are 3 locations for the game pieces on the one side of the field, 3 on the direct opposite side, and 2 that are facing the driver stations. Every location has one location for a Hatch Panel, at the same height as the location for the level 1 Hatch Panels. Directly above it, there is a location for the Cargo.

The Field

This year, the field has been changed dramatically compared to previous years. This year, the location of game pieces like Hatch Panels and Cargo are on their own side of the field; Previous years have had the game pieces on enemy sides of the field, but this year they are on the same side as the drive stations and the robots. This reduces contact between enemy alliances, as the only reason for a team to cross to the other side is for counter-play and defense.

2019 Field

Scoring Points


In FRC fashion, there are two ways to score points: Ranking Points and Game points. Game points are scored by completing objectives in one game. These points only apply to that match, and whichever alliance with the greatest amount of ranking points at the end wins the match. Below, there is a chart which contains the methods of obtaining match and ranking points.

2019 Logo
2019 Index
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