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For the 2024 FRC season, teams are challenged to pick up foam rings, called "notes," and shoot them into various goals. For the first 15 seconds, robots are autonomous and operate on pre-programmed controls. Notes can be scored during this period for extra points. For the remaining 2 minutes and 15 seconds, drivers operate robots and compete against other robots to score more notes faster. Robots can score in one short goal, called the "amp," for one point and to earn amplification points or a high goal, called the "speaker," for two points. After scoring two notes in the amp, a human player can amplify the speaker to score additional points. Notes scored in an amplified speaker are worth 5 points instead of 2. In the last 20 seconds, robots climb onto chains on a central structure called the stage and score additional points. Additional details can be viewed in the official game manual.

The Field



The stage is a large, central structure that teams must avoid or zip under when crossing the field. At the end of each match, teams climb up on the stage, gaining extra points for multiple robots on the same chain, and try to score in the "trap," a small goal behind a swinging trapdoor.

2024 Stage Image.png



The speaker rewards 2 points for each note scored and 5 points per note if the speaker is "amplified." This amplification can be activated after an alliance scores 2 notes into the amp. The low angle of the speaker makes it challenging to shoot into the gap, especially from long range. 

2024 Speaker Diagram_edited.jpg


The source is a station on the opposite side of the field from the scoring areas where robots can pick up notes in addition to finding them on the ground. Some robots opt to collect directly from the ramp, and some teams will have their human player drop the notes directly on the floor, where they are picked up.

2024 Source Image.png


The amp is a shorter goal near the more challenging speaker. Although it scores fewer points, it provides a significant strategic advantage due to its ability to amplify the speaker. The amp is challenging to score in due to a ramp at the top, making it difficult to shoot into.

2024 Amp Image_edited.jpg

Scoring Points


In qualification rounds, teams are ranked by their Ranking Score or average number of Ranking Points (RP) per match. To ensure high placement, it is important to win matches and complete the secondary objectives as well; to amass as many Ranking Points as possible. Teams can earn up to four ranking points if they win and up to two even if they lose point values for each action change according to when in the game they are completed.

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