Members and Mentors

Team Leads


Aidan is a senior and the 2022-23 season will be his 4th year on the team. He 

Team Captain


Aidan is the team Captain and has been on the team for three years. He does a spectacular job of managing the team.

Assistant Captain


Nate is a Senior this year and chose to step down as captain this year. This is Nate’s 5th year on the team and in the past, he has led electrical and software!

Senior Advisor


El is a Senior and has been on the team for three years. They oversee the business and marketing subteams, focusing on website maintenance and writing newsletters.

Safety Captain & Non-Technical Lead




Tim has been with the team since 2016. He helped found the MURA field collaboration in North Minneapolis. Retired, Tim is a former employee of 3M.


Jonathan is with us almost every day. He always helps us find the right tool for our jobs. He's been on the team since 2018.