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Charged Up

The 2023 season is sponsored by QUALCOMM and is named Charged UP.  The game has two main field elements: three grids for each alliance and a charge station for each alliance. The two game pieces are small yellow cones and purple cubes.  Each match has three parts: Autonomous, where robots were intended to score points  and climb onto the charge station; Teleop, the longest period where the human drive team controlled the robot; and Endgame, where the robots are given time to score final points and attempt to make the charging station level.

The Field

2023 field model.jpg

Charge Station


The charge station is an elevated platform that operates as a teeter totter. The station is used twice in the game: at the end of autonomous and at the end of the game. Team can earn points both for getting their robot on the platform and for leveling the platform. The platform lights up when it is within a couple degrees of level.

Grids and CO-OP Grid

Each team is given a set of three grids on the same wall as their driver's stations. The lower row on the grids can hold either game pieces. All other spots are designated for either cones or cubes. Points are scored by placing three game pieces in a row, creating a link. 

The center grid is known as the CO-OP  grid. A coopertition bonus is achieved if both alliances put three pieces in their CO-OP grid. The coopertition bonus lowers the amount of links needed to earn a ranking point. 

2023 charge station.jpg
2023 grid.jpg

Game Elements


The game has 54 cones and 50 cubes split between the two alliances. The game starts with max 14 elements on the field. All other elements are held behind the human player stations. 

Substations (Human Player Stations)

For this game, there are three human-player positions for each alliance.  Two are situated at the the double substation and one at the the single substation. The double substation consists of two sliding platforms where the game component is placed on the platform and pushed along a rail to be picked up by the robot. The single substation is a traditional drop chute for either game element. 

2023 game piece ball.jpg
2023 game piece cone.jpg

Navigation Changes


This year in addition to using reflective tape for navigation, April tags were introduced as a form of object tracking and visual localization. 

2023 double substation.jpg
2023 single substation.jpg

Scoring Points


In qualification rounds, teams are ranked by their Ranking Score or their average number of Ranking Points (RP) per match. To ensure high placement, it is important to win matches and complete the secondary objectives as well; to amass as many Ranking Points as possible. Teams can earn up to four ranking points if they win, and up to two even if they lose Point values for each action change according to when in the game they are completed.

2023 scores p1.jpg
2023 scores p2.jpg
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