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Sponsor Our 2017-18 Season!

We are now looking for sponsors for our 2017-18 season! Our team relies completely on donations to participate in events and activities throughout the season and to compete in the First Robotics Competition.

Stratysys and Excel Riverside Tours

This month we went  our sponsor, Stratasys. Southwest Media and Technology teacher Gabriel Pass and his Digital Technology class and FRC Team 7258, RoboLobos joined us. Thank you to Kevin Johnson, our tour guide. We also toured the Xcel Riverside power plant for a change of scale.

Northstar Regionals – Day 2 Update

The competition continues and we have managed to resolve most of our current difficulties. After testing we have decided that the climber is not viable at this time. We are also looking into using a different gearbox to increase the speed of the lifter. The clamps are working well but we have introduced elf shoes […]

Northstar Regionals 2018 – Day 1 Afternoon Update

We have successfully undergone inspection and passed. We have received our schedule for the qualifying matches for the next two days. Our matches are highlighted in the picture below and you can see our first Regionals post for videos and updates!  

Northstar Regionals 2018 – Day 1 Schedule

Below is both the competition schedule as well as the practice match schedule. We’ll post updates here or you can follow the updates at the Blue Alliance or the FIRST archives. Feel free to drop by the pit to say hi! You will find us on the right side by the entrance to the pit area. […]

Team 2129 Takes on the MURA Practice Field

While FIRST Robotics Competition teams are starting to wonder how their robots will perform, we are delighted to say that Team 2129 and two other FRC teams were on the MURA practice field last night. We were able to run for over an hour and we know more about our robot than we’ve ever known at this […]

Open House – Saturday the 27th

midpoint of our six week build. Here’s the game animation so you know what we’re proposing to do with the robot: FRC Team 2129 would be very pleased to host our team’s families and friends. When: 11:00 to 1:30 on Saturday, January 27 Where:  Southwest High School, 3414 47th Street West, Room N140 The attached map […]

Build Season – Week 1 Day 4

Another day of glorious prototyping and testing. We have two different lifter mechanisms developing and we also are looking at two possible grabber mechanisms.  

Build Season – Week 1 Day 3

Today was the first day of build season in the wood shop. We broke into teams to implement the ideas that were created yesterday. Below are some first stage prototypes.  

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