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Week 2 day 11

Well today was very productive. We have made some great strides in our lifter. We managed to get it to a point to were we are almost ready to finalized. Today we managed to lift the 120 pounds of weight with ease. The main improvement today over last week was that Louis cast us an aluminum coupler and that allowed us to direct drive the shaft of the climber, side stepping all the problems of the chain. We had some interesting developments on our way to getting all 120 pounds lifted. We had too a few times figure out better and better mounting places for the climber so it would lift the weights and not get pulled up itself. We eventually secured it to the base of the planer which is bolted to the floor. In gear news we have a working prototype and have been figuring out how to make sure that the gear all ways lands in our mechanism. But fortunately that wasn’t much of a problem and we seam to have it figured out.

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