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Team 2129 Takes on the MURA Practice Field

While FIRST Robotics Competition teams are starting to wonder how their robots will perform, we are delighted to say that Team 2129 and two other FRC teams were on the MURA practice field last night. We were able to run for over an hour and we know more about our robot than we’ve ever known at this point in the build.  We’ll be back on the field twice more before our Week Zero competition on 2/18.
The magic of going to the practice field, in addition finding which parts are going to fall off, is that each visit causes the team to prepare to test all systems. In the flurry to be ready, the focus shifts from individual ownership and subsystem perfection to making sure that all systems are good enough so the whole robot performs. It has driven a significant change in our thinking.
Thanks to our sponsors for funding our team and making the field available to the FRC community in the Twin Cities. Learn more about our sponsors, or how you can support our team on our sponsorship page.
Here are a few photos from last night, and from the last couple weeks in the shop and building the field.

Installing the Switches on MURA Field

Southwest High School Team 2129 retrieving and placing Cubes on MURA Field

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