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Summer Build: in review and a thank you to the mentors

It has been a long and industrious summer, great work to all those involved. None of it could be remotely possible without the help and guidance of our mentors. They have worked to pass on their knowledge and push us to the next level. Without them we would not have been even able to build this summer as they have allowed us to use not only their personal tools but also providing us a space to build and meet.

This summer went through and did a complete rethink and rebuild of our robot. During the course of the summer we explored many new ideas and strategies. We also explored the uses of new systems and materials. We used a West Coast drive system as a prototyping platform to explore both how the system worked but also so we could test out new mechanisms, before reducing all of it to competition size. This also gave us a chance to practice using CAD modeling to design and organize our robot. Below are some pictures of our long hours of serious work and progress and some not so serious moments.

img_4134 img_4133 img_3779 img_3775 img_3774 img_3743 img_3742 img_3740 img_3694


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