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Current Challenge:

At Home STEM Challenge #1 (November 22 – December 6)

Goal: Build the tallest tower possible out of 10 index cards and submit your design!


  • 10 3”x5” index cards
  • Measuring tool  such as yardstick, or tape measure
  • Scissors


  • You can: fold the cards, stack the cards, cut the cards, roll the cards 
  • You cannot: use tape/glue/staples or use any other materials besides the 10 index cards.
  • The structure must be entirely supported by a flat surface, the one that you measure the final height from. The structure can’t be glued, taped, stapled, or attached to the surface in any way.
  • The tower should stand on its own.


  • Tallest Tower: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place announced for K-4th grade, and 5-8th grade.
  • Most Creative Solution: 1 winner for K – 8th Grade.

Guided Notes (optional):

You may choose to follow along the engineering design process guided notes if that helps with coming up with ideas.

How to Submit:

Fill out this Google form:

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