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Our robot for "Rapid React" 2022 aims for the lower and upper scoring along with climbing to the transversal rung. Bert weighs 113 lbs and has a 25"x25" perimeter. Bert can go up to 13.5 feet per second. It uses a swerve drive base. The robot can get to the traversal bar using four arms: two telescoped and two that swing. Bert is made entirely out of aluminum, polycarbonate, and 3D printed parts. There is no wood on the robot. Bert has a total of 20 motors. 

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Due to COVID, our 2021 robot was not able to be fabricated, although we redesigned it and competed virtually using the CAD model! First, the intake on our 2020 robot worked, but periodically clogged up. We were able to improve this by swapping out Mecanum wheels with 3D printed Mecanum wheels, allowing for less friction. After re evaluating the scoring, we decided to add a thrower onto the 2021 robot. To do this, we re-shaped the hopper, and created a new hopper design. Additionally, we had problems during the competition with the 2020 robot, that the hook would spin, not allowing us to quickly place it on the Generator Switch. We redesigned this mechanism to use square tubes, limiting its rotation. In addition to these upgrades, we were able to greatly reduce the weight of the robot by notching, and removing unnecessary material.

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Our 2020 robot is designed to be a low level, high speed robot that can travel 18ft/s. It is able to intake Power Cells off the floor, as well as from the Loading Bay. The power cells then travel into the hopper which automatically sequences the Power Cells, before being expelled out the back into the Power Port.  It is also able to Rotate, and Position the Control Panel to a specific color. Towards the end of the game, and is equipped with a winch and elevator to place a hook on the Generator Switch, and winch itself off the ground.

Rampy is designed to primarily play Defense in the 2019 FIRST FRC game "Destination: Deep Space". Rampy weighs in at just under 150lb and combined with its low height, it is able to hold its stance on the field. Rampy also includes 2 ramps that can fold down, allowing another robot to drive over it to reach the HAB Level 3. Additionally, rampy includes an arm with a rotating wrist which allows it to pick up and place Cargo and Hatches on both sides of the robot!