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Week 7 Day 45

Today we spent the afternoon at Lynhurst park were we made modifications that we learned about in the week zero event. We did more drive practice and the hole event ended with a fun team fooseball tournament.

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Week 6 day 43

Do day was the last day before our week zero event and a lot has been happening. We replaced the pneumatic air storage module so that we can hold more. We continued developed the gear mechanism and built a new…

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Week 6 day 42

We finished our control board today. We ball dumper installed. Reworked the gear placement mechanism fitted a singular bumper for spacing. Attached the camera. Replaced the gear rotation motor as it died. In terms of code we developed more autonomous…

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Week 6 Day 41

Today we tested our basic autonomous and have confirmed that it will deliver gears. We continued work on the control board. We mounted the magnetic encoder, camera and ultrasonic sensor. We have established our preliminary ball dumper. We have started…

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