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February, 2017

We need a CAD mentor!

We need an experienced user of Solidworks CAD to bring new users up to speed on simple sketching, extrusions, and assemblies using both designed and commercial part geometry. This is a commitment of 60-90 minutes per week. If you’d like to share your knowledge, we’ll work with you on schedule. Contact us at

Week 7 Day 46: Bag and Tag

Well everyone we made it. Or will have once we reach tonight. The robot is going into is bag tonight to await the competition. So of course we are making last minute adjustments and successfully tested out the gear mechanism and prototyped a new static version based on what we saw at week zero. We […]

Week 7 Day 45

Today we spent the afternoon at Lynhurst park were we made modifications that we learned about in the week zero event. We did more drive practice and the hole event ended with a fun team fooseball tournament.

Week 7 Day 44: Week Zero Competition

Wait a minute week zero but I thought it was week 7. Today we went to the week zero event that was hosted by team 2505 Talon robotics. We spent the day testing and testing and testing. We learned alot and have some more revisions to do.

Week 6 day 43

Do day was the last day before our week zero event and a lot has been happening. We replaced the pneumatic air storage module so that we can hold more. We continued developed the gear mechanism and built a new rotator face plate for the gear mechanism. We also packed up for the week zero […]

Week 6 day 42

We finished our control board today. We ball dumper installed. Reworked the gear placement mechanism fitted a singular bumper for spacing. Attached the camera. Replaced the gear rotation motor as it died. In terms of code we developed more autonomous code. Attached a limit switch to the gear turning mechanism so that we can zero […]

Week 6 Day 41

Today we tested our basic autonomous and have confirmed that it will deliver gears. We continued work on the control board. We mounted the magnetic encoder, camera and ultrasonic sensor. We have established our preliminary ball dumper. We have started working packing for week 0. In terms of pneumatic we have started a triple accumulator […]

Week 6 Day 40

To day we trouble shot the gear catcher and tried iteration after iteration. We continue building our bumpers and getting them ready to go. In terms of pneumatic we have all systems installed bar one piston installed and hooked up e and that onwe are currently waiting on it to come. The piston we are […]

Week 6 Day 39

Today we spent our joyful time making a cool looking driver station a must have for competition. On more serious business we have re added the catcher mechanism for the gear mechanism. With the electronics we have been hooking up sensors and extending wires so that they can reach. We have started setting up the […]

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