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January, 2017

Week 4 Day 25

We had a meeting to start prepping for our open house on this Saturday. We finished an iteration of the gear mechanism and worked on the gear deployer. We attached the 8 inch omni wheels that came today.    

Week 4 Day 24

We have a a gear catching mechanism up and working today. We finally added on the front flaps. We started testing how the gear would drop into the mechanism from the shoot. It will need a few more iterations. We continuing developing our soft wear on the practice robot and are prepping sensors to be […]

Join us this Saturday – Feb. 4!

Southwest Robotics Open House Saturday, February 4, 12-2 pm Southwest High School 3414 47th Street, Minneapolis Room N140 Parking and Entrances: Park in the parking lot on 46th street between Beard and Chowen behind the school. This parking lot faces door 11 which enters room N140 from outside. Door 12 is accessible from Beard, and Doors […]

Week 3 Day 19

Today we rebuilt the drive base so that it would fit inside the robot volume cube for sure. We also started testing encoders on our robot. We have attached the climber actual to the robot and have further prototyped the gear delivery system and built the frame for the gear catching mechanism actual.

Week 3 Day 18

Today we regrouped in various planning meetings. We set up the details for the open house on February 4. Also wile working on the robot we remeasured and found that the bumpers were slightly larger than estimated so we had to re think how everything goes together. After much debate we agreed to shorten the robot […]

Week 3 Day 17

Today we switched out the front placation wheels for the omni wheels that we where discussing yesterday day. We are currently ordering 8 inch omni wheels. We are continuing to build our gear mechanism. The climber mechanism has n part be installed but still needs its ratcheting mechanism figure out.

Week 3 Day 16

Well we thought that we where done with the wheels. But when had them installed we found that the four placation wheels did not give us enough freedom of movement. So we have decided to trade out our non drive wheels to omniwheels as this will greatly increase our freedom of movement. That will be […]

Week 2 day 15

We finished up all of the basic drive base components and did our first basic movement test. Were we drove just the frame with our prototyping board to make sure everything works. Also we continued prototyping a basic shooter and had better results but ran into problems getting enough height. The Shooter program is going […]

Week 2 Day 14

Well things are really coming together. We have the chassis assembled and are working on mounting wheels. We decided to start building our shooter prototype and unfortunately  that did not go as planned. But with some reiteration we seam to have it stable but still needs a lot of work.

Week 2 Day 13

we have started building our west coast drive frame system today. We ran into a few light problems as we were not able to uses our t-gussets and had to opt for our L gussets but that was easily remedied and did not provide too much difficulties. The gear deliverer is still being worked on […]

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