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Team 2129 Takes on the MURA Practice Field

While FIRST Robotics Competition teams are starting to wonder how their robots will perform, we are delighted to say that Team 2129 and two other FRC teams were on the MURA practice field last night. We were able to run for over an hour and we know more about our robot than we’ve ever known at this […]

Build Season – Week 1 Day 4

Another day of glorious prototyping and testing. We have two different lifter mechanisms developing and we also are looking at two possible grabber mechanisms.  

Build Season – Week 1 Day 3

Today was the first day of build season in the wood shop. We broke into teams to implement the ideas that were created yesterday. Below are some first stage prototypes.  

2016-17 Challenge: STEAMworks

This year’s FIRST Robotics Competition challenge is called STEAMworks! The team has just 6 weeks after the kick off to form a game strategy, then design and build a robot to win the game. This year the challenge is called STEAMworks. Here is how FIRST describes the game: FIRST® STEAMWORKSSM the 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition […]

Week 3 Day 18

Today we regrouped in various planning meetings. We set up the details for the open house on February 4. Also wile working on the robot we remeasured and found that the bumpers were slightly larger than estimated so we had to re think how everything goes together. After much debate we agreed to shorten the robot […]

Week 3 Day 16

Well we thought that we where done with the wheels. But when had them installed we found that the four placation wheels did not give us enough freedom of movement. So we have decided to trade out our non drive wheels to omniwheels as this will greatly increase our freedom of movement. That will be […]

Week 2 day 15

We finished up all of the basic drive base components and did our first basic movement test. Were we drove just the frame with our prototyping board to make sure everything works. Also we continued prototyping a basic shooter and had better results but ran into problems getting enough height. The Shooter program is going […]

Encrypted Game Manual

Below is attached the encrypted version of the game manual. Feel free to down load it. We will post the key at or shortly after kick off. Also there will be an unencrypted version coming. Also it is on the goal drive shared under the fire Students 2017. Encrypted Game manual Encrypted Game Manual google […]

Ultraviolet Participates in Stronghold

Southwest High School Robotics, Ultraviolet FRC Team 2129 participated in the FIRST Robotics Minnesota Northstar Regional at the University of Minnesota, Mariucci Arena in Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 8, 2016. It was a lot of fun to meet teams from all over the state and to see everyone in the stands cheering and having fun. […]

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